How to Maintain Vibrant Red Hair with Manic Panic

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I LOVE red hair. I had auburn hair as a child, but over time it slowly faded to some grungy brunette color that was less than wow. I have been coloring my hair since I was a teenager, and I've had every hair color under the sun. I've used every hair dye on the market, and I've seen my fair share of colorists at many a salon. Out of all the colors I've had on my head, red has been my go-to favorite.

The problem with red however, is it FADES SUPERFAST. The bright red crimson that I so love does not last long unfortunately, but I have found a secret that I'd like to share. 

I get my roots done at the salon. My hairstylist Eileen is wonderful, and has been doing my hair for over 7 years now. We have finally got to a shade of red that I am happy with and she knows exactly what I want when I come in every 8 weeks. 

At one appointment, she was stunned to find my hair was still a bright crimson red and she knew I was up to something. Had I been cheating on her with another stylist? Nope! I had been using Manic Panic Vampire Red.

Manic Panic makes all-natural, vegan, semi-permanent dyes. The dyes have no ammonia or harsh chemicals, and it has the texture of a conditioner. There is no mixing with developer required. It leaves hair silky soft, and you can leave the dye on your hair for an extended period of time without worrying about damage.

A few weeks after my salon visit to retouch my roots, I coat my dry hair with Manic Panic Vampire red before I hit the shower. I use it as a pre-conditioning treatment in addition to adding some more color. I place my hair in a shower cap and hang out for about an hour to let it set in. Then I rinse in the shower until it runs almost clear. *** WARNING - This color will turn your tub RED. You will need to do a deep clean of your tub and shower liner afterwards. 

Every two weeks I will mix the color with some conditioner after shampooing and let it set for a few minutes while I lather up my body or shave my legs to keep it vibrant.

That's it! If you can stand the mess in the shower afterwards, this process it totally worth it! I order it on Amazon with Prime shipping. (aff link below)

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