Eyes to the Skies: Blue Flower Moon Tonight

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Blue Flower Moon Posh Goth

(Posh Goth) - On May 18th, sky gazers will be treated to not only the first full moon of May (known historically as the flower moon) - but the full flower moon will coincide with a blue moon.

May's full moon is known as the flower moon because its arrival signals the eruption of blooms.

A blue moon, on the other hand, is typically the second of two full moons in a month's time frame; however a blue moon could be a 3rd of 4th full moon in a given month.

A blue moon is not actually blue in color. 

To give you an idea of how rare this occurrence is, the next blue flower moon won't be until 2048. And blue moons are rare in their own right: the next blue moon isn't scheduled until August of 2021.

If you can't make the big show, fear not! The event will be streamed on multiple platforms. Check it out hovering over Rome's immaculate skyline via the Virtual Telescope Project.

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