Full Snow Super-Moon: 2019's Biggest Full Moon is Tonight

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(Posh Goth) - At 10:54 AM ET on February 19th, a full super-moon (the second super-moon of 2019) dubbed the "Snow Moon" will present itself in the sky, but it will not be visible to folks in the U.S. until roughly 5:30 PM ET.

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the February "Snow Moon" got its coveted title from Native Americans and Europeans because they associated this lunar event with larger than average snowfalls. 

Also referred to as the "Hunger Moon" and  the "Storm Moon", this wintry nighttime show will place the moon at its closest point to Earth along the elliptical orbit, approximately 360 miles closer to Earth than January's super-moon. The moon will maintain a full appearance through Wednesday.

There won't be another full moon in February for 19 years!

The next and final super-moon of 2019 (known as the "Full Worm Moon" and "Full Harvest Moon") won't be until the Spring Equinox on March 20th.

Check for your optimum moon-rise viewing times here:

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