How To Dress Goth at Work (and still keep your job!)

How To Dress Goth at Work (and still keep your job!)

It's 2022 and most people are still working from home due to the ongoing pandemic. However, as things start to get back to normal, it's expected that the corporate workforce will no doubt return to their spacious offices, or to their incredibly cramped-and-lacking-any-sense-of-privacy cubicles. While it may have been a welcome reprieve to roll out of bed and log-in to work from our jammies, we now have to get back into the swing of things. It's time to break out those combat boots once again! It's time to dress CORPORATE GOTH.

It's the 21st century, so one would expect that many corporate offices have relaxed their business attire requirements. As is the case for some businesses, it's still a suit-and-tie type of place. For many of those adherents of gothic and alternative subcultures, it's hard to keep the "goth" inside. We goths are creatures of expression. We need to dress the part to feel like ourselves. We do not want to be weighed down by societal expectations. WE WANT TO BRING THE GOTH TO THE OFFICE! But how? Read on for some tips on how to dress goth at work.

All Black Everything

Black is such a simple color. It brings oodles of joy to myself and many goths worldwide. And being simple means that it's incredibly versatile. Black literally Goes. With. Everything. You know what else goes with everything? Turtlenecks. Turtlenecks go with everything. Try this affordable yet stylish turtleneck featuring a ruffled neck that will make any vampire jealous. 

Leggings for Days

So we've covered how black turtlenecks can bring the goth to the office. But what about our legs? Striped leggings a-la-Beetlejuice of course. Stripes are a versatile addition to any closet, and let's be honest, stripes are pretty goth thanks to our favorite demon. Check out these comfy black and white striped leggings that will pair with just about any solid-black top.

I Like Big Boots and I Cannot Lie

What is a goth outfit without some killer boots? How about some combat boots with ROSES? Doc Martens never disappoints, and the 14-Eye Vonda Casual Boot is no exception. Air-cushioned and slip resistant, these boots were made for rockin' in the office. 

It's in the Bag

Now onto my my favorite accessory and yours, the HANDBAG. In my opinion, a handbag or purse makes or breaks an outfit. And if you're anything like me, you are absolutely skull obsessed. Pack your wallet, phone, snacks, and daggers in this Gothic/Steampunk Lolita Bag by Lost Queen:

Glamour Ghoul

Ok, so we went over how a handbag can make or break your goth work attire. But did you know jewelry can also add some subtle goth to your wardrobe? Betsey Johnson makes the most goth jewelry ever. Anytime I wear her jewelry, I get loads of compliments. I am a big fan of these faux pearl black heart earrings. They are so versatile, and make me feel like a goth queen at work. Betsey Johnson also has many more amazing goth jewelry pieces that you can use to accessorize your outfit. 

Give Good Face

We cannot leave out the most integral part of your goth work outfit. While black lipstick may be frowned upon at work, Posh Goth's assortment of lip colors come in neutral colors and glosses. Check out Moonstoned Glitter Lip Gloss and Doll Parts Liquid Lipstick. Even better; wear them together!

Don't forget to bring out your inner vampire sparkle. Highlight your best features with the Ghostlighter Glitter Highlighting Palette from Posh Goth.

Her Perfume Smells Like Burning Leaves

And lastly, you're not a goth girl if you're not wearing Burning Leaves Perfume. Peter Steele even said so. 

Burning Leaves Gothic Perfume Spray

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Hi, I know this isn’t really related to this topic, but I need some advice. My mom is anti-goth, and wont let me dress as i want, and says goths are horrible people and on and on. I’ve tried to convince her, but now she’s threatening to make me dress as a girly girl in all pink, and I don’t know what to do. So are there any tips, on how to get her to see my way, and help me dress the way I want? Help would be fabulous! Thanks


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