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I debated over whether or not I wanted to make a post to address the ongoing legal battle I as the owner of Posh Goth have been involved in over the last several years. In 2017, I discovered a distributor for the multi-level marketing company Perfectly Posh was using my business name, Posh Goth, to recruit unsuspecting young women into her scheme. After trying to amicably address my concerns with both the distributor and the company, they, the distributor, and the company's CEO started a campaign of harassment against me that included SUING me over the Posh Goth trademarks - and laughably accused me of committing fraud! The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board found in my favor on June 4th of this year, and dismissed the case against me. However, Perfectly Posh continues to not only bully myself, but other small women-owned businesses - including a business owned by an African American woman who unfortunately just gave up the rights to her trademarks after they came after her. I am glad that I won my case, but am deeply disturbed to see that this company who purports to help women "build their own businesses" is continually trying to snuff out actual businesses owned by women minorities. You can read my entire case at Thank you all for your continued support, and I look forward to fighting another day. - Jackie

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