Prada Goes Goth at Milan Fashion Week

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(Posh Goth) Channeling their inner Wednesday Addams and Lydia Deetz's, Prada models sauntered down the runways of Milan last week to music from the likes of Marilyn Manson and the X-Files soundtrack. Sporting bleached-out brows, spiked chokers, and military jackets, the models did their little turns on the catwalk as they showcased the "goth" that is Miluccia Prada's new fall line.  

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The runway was dimly lit, and the atmosphere in the Fondazione Prada building was kept intentionally dark to set the mood. Models donned chunky Oxfords and heavy-soled boots as they stomped their way down the line. Tresses were parted down the middle and braided (a la Wednesday Addams), and Hitchcock vibes were ever-present with a display of retro sweetheart dresses constructed of herringbone wool.

The highlight was when Cara Delevingne strutted her stuff down the catwalk totally rocking a form-fitting Bride of Frankenstein collared button-up (that I can only hope to get my little goth paws on this year).

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Mia Goth also sat in the front row, because OF COURSE SHE DID. 

What do you think of Prada going goth? Would you prefer keeping goth in the dark, or do you like the fact that luxury brands and major retailers are finally paying attention to the goth aesthetic? Sound off in the comments!

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