WTF is a Super Worm Moon?

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(Posh Goth) Blessed Spring Equinox and happy Ostara blessings to my fellow witches!

The last full supermoon of the year (also the first full moon in March) will be visible to much of the world tonight. 

Affectionately titled the "worm moon" because it precedes the emergence of earthworms as the ground begins to thaw, the worm moon's orbit will be closest to Earth beginning at 3:45 EDT on March 19th, and will reach peak fullness by 9:45 EDT on March 20th, thereby making it a "supermoon".

This cosmic event is made even sexier by coinciding with the vernal Spring equinox. The Spring equinox is when light from the sun hits the Earth's equator, making the daylight hours and nighttime hours equal. This event can be thought of as splitting the Earth into two halves; Spring officially starts in the Northern Hemisphere, while Autumn officially begins in the Southern Hemisphere. 

If you're not hellbent on calling it a Super Worm Moon, there are other naming options. The Worm Moon is also referred to as the Crow Moon, the Sap Moon, the Crust Moon, and the Lenten Moon. Many of these names appear in the Farmer's Almanac, and come directly from the names given to the moon by Native American tribes.

Fun fact: The Super Worm Moon of 2019 coincides with mercury retrograde

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