Wolf Moon Lavender Spearmint Gothic Perfume 5 ml Spray Sample

  • $ 1099

"It is her moon time when there's iron in the air. A rusted essence - woman may I know you there?"

Wolf Moon has to be my favorite song from Type o Negative *. It's such a beautiful and eery song, and I've always been a lover of the dark and beautiful.

This listing is for a generous sized 5 ml spray sample.

This fragrance is blended with high-grade perfumer's alcohol and a proprietary blend of essential oils. I wanted to capture the brittle air of winter time when the Wolf Moon appears, and the femininity of the song by Type o Negative.

This perfume is also blended with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. Wolf moon features relaxing lavender and stress relieving spearmint.

This perfume is vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% all natural. No aroma-chemicals are contained in this fragrance.

* I am in no way affiliated with Type o Negative. I just dig their songs.

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