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Posh Goth

Biancabella Floral Gothic Perfume 5 ml sample spray

Biancabella Floral Gothic Perfume 5 ml sample spray

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This fragrance is floral and very beautiful with notes of patchouli, lavender, and bergamot.

Biancabella and the Snake is an old Italian fairy tale, which is the inspiration for this fragrance. This fairy tale is somewhat disturbing, and it's no surprise Disney did not make this one into a movie. While a woman sleeps in the garden, a snake crawls between her legs, slithers its way through her body, and makes a home in her womb. The woman becomes pregnant and baby Biancabella is thus born. When she is born, a small garden snake is found coiled around her neck. The snake quickly disappears into the garden.When Biancabella is 10, she sees the snake in the garden. The snake tells Biancabella that she is in fact her sister, and gives her the gift of beauty. Biancabella then marries a handsome king. The king however, has an evil step-mother that wishes to be rid of Biancabella. While the king is at war, the evil stepmother pays some men to take Biancabella into the forest and kill her. The men do not follow through with the murder - instead they cut off her hands and tear out her eyes. They give these "items" to the step-mother as proof of her murder. The evil step-mother then places her terribly ugly daughter in Biancabella’s bed for when the king returns home. The step-mother tells him that Biancabella miscarried his baby, and has become ugly with grief. Meanwhile, the real Biancabella plans to kill herself. As soon as she makes the first attempt, her snake sister appears in front of her as a human and uses her powers to heal Biancabella. Both of the girls return to the castle where Biancabella's "replacement" now reigns with her king. The plot is revealed to the king and the step-mother and her daughters are burned alive in a furnace. 

Terribly wretched story I know, but it did inspire this beautiful fragrance I've created.

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