Zombie Skin Handmade Exfoliating Soap - Jasmine Lime Scented - All Natural

  • $ 600

Slough off your dead zombie skin with this mildly exfoliating, yet highly intoxicating lime green zombie bath bar.

Exfoliants sea salt and ground oatmeal are paired with fragrances of floral jasmine and exotic lime.

The bar measures approximately 1 inch thick, and weighs roughly 4.8 oz.

Olive Oil
Soybean Oil
Coconut Oil
Corn Oil
Hemp Oil
Organic Shea Butter
Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
Fragrance Oils
Sea Salt
Juniper Berries
Ground Oatmeal
Sea Salt
Activated Charcoal

*Please test a small amount on skin to see if any allergies are present before use

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