Black Candy Licorice Absinthe Scented Gothic 5 mL Spray Perfume Sample

  • $ 1099

"Just like you're losing your mind, black candy is so hard to find."

I absolutely love the taste and smell of black licorice. And I also love to sip on absinthe from time to time. What better way to pay homage to my favorite candy than to make a perfume in its honor? Black Candy features fragrance and essential oils of star anise, fennel, cinnamon, and amber. It smells like absinthe and black licorice. 

While this scent smells delicious, please do not consume! Body only, ladies. :)

This listing is for the 5 mL spray atomizer sample. 5 mL is a very generous sample, and you will be able to get 15-20 applications.

This fragrance is blended with high-quality perfumers alcohol, fractionated coconut oil, and a proprietary blend of fragrance and essential oils*.


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