Blood & Fire Gothic Perfume 5 ml Spray Sample

  • $ 1099

"No more nights, of blood and fire. All those special I bleed for you, burn for me."

To clarify, this perfume is not named after the Indigo Girls song Blood & Fire. This fragrance was created with the Type o Negative * song of the same name in mind. A song whose lyrics tell the tale of a love as thick as blood and as hot as fire. .

This listing is for a generous sized 5 ml sample.

This fragrance is made with high-grade perfumer's alcohol, fractionated coconut oil, and a proprietary blend of essential oils. I wanted to create something sexy and sweet, and that I did. This perfume is by far my favorite that I've made. I get SO MANY compliments when I wear this.

Blood and Fire features the aphrodisiacs patchouli and ylang ylang . Did I mention this is my favorite perfume?

I am not in any way affiliated with Type o Negative. I just dig their music.

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