Clove Cigarettes Gothic Perfume 5 ml Spray Sample

  • $ 1099

"Little wolf-skin boots, and clove cigarettes. An erotic funeral...for which she's dressed."

Keeping with the Black No. 1 theme, I decided to create a perfume that reminded me of my high school years (of which I spent sneaking out at lunch to smoke clove cigarettes in the woods).

This listing is for a generous sized 5 ml sample

This fragrance is blended with perfumers alcohol, fractionated coconut oil, and a proprietary blend of essential oils. Don't let the name scare you though - while the smell is reminiscent of clove cigarettes, there is no hint of butt smoke in this fragrance! It's a beautiful fragrance adored by both men and women.

Clove Cigarettes features essential oils clove and neroli. It's bold, it's spicy, and it's woodsy.

This perfume is vegan, cruelty-free, and all natural.

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