Dirty Black Summer Spicy Tropical Gothic Perfume 5 ml Spray Sample

  • $ 1099

"No summer in the winter-time will keep you warm like a funeral pyre.."

As much as I absolutely LOVE autumn, I have to embrace summer since New England summers can be as brutal as their winters. I wanted to create a crisp, fresh fragrance that smelled like...well...summer. But summer with an evil twist, thanks to a Danzig song.

This fragrance is blended with perfumer's alcohol, fractionated coconut oil, fragrance oils*, and a proprietary blend of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.

Dirty Black Summer** features bergamot, invigorating sweet orange, and fragrance oil top notes of coconut, peach, pineapple, and jasmine.


**I am not in any way affiliated with Danzig, I just dig his music.

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