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Posh Goth

Rusalka Tropical Scented Gothic Perfume 50 ml Spray

Rusalka Tropical Scented Gothic Perfume 50 ml Spray

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In Slavic Pagan mythology, a rusalka is a water nymph. It is translated in many of the romance languages simply as "mermaid".

There are many variations of the myth, but in general, the story goes like this: a young woman dies near a body of water and comes back in "mermaid" form to haunt this sacred body of water where she died. She haunts this place with one goal in mind: to seduce young men by using her other-worldly looks. Once the young men become enamored with her, she entangles their feet within her long red hair and drowns them.

This is a very beautiful and haunting fragrance. It was only fitting that it get a nautical theme when I created it. The top notes are coconut, peach, and pineapple, with hints of jasmine and black patchouli. 

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